Mobile360 License Plate Recognition System


The VIA Mobile360 License Plate Recognition System enables high-performance automatic detection and recognition of license plates in real-time or from recorded footage. This AI-driven system collects data complete with high-quality images, timestamps, and GPS coordinates. With its flexible and scalable design, the VIA Mobile360 License Plate Recognition System can be customized to meet the requirements of various fixed or mobile applications for private and government sectors.

VIA Mobile360 LPR

With its rugged ultra-compact form factor, the system guarantees 5+ years longevity with vitality support. The state-of-the-art license plate detection application utilizes a fast and robust algorithm that detects up to 10 plates per camera frame. The system supports HD DVR and monitoring features and provides GPS location logging and a portable database format.

  • license plate recognition systemlicense plate recognition systemIdentify and trace stolen vehicles to benefit law enforcement agencies
  • Recognize regular customers to develop loyalty programs in retail stores
  • Detect non-permit holders and increase efficiency in ticketing systems
  • Improve site security by distinguishing problematic vehicles

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