EcoMulch: Transforming Safety of John Deere 724K wheel loaders

EcoMulch: Improving the Safety of John Deere 724K Wheel Loaders

With tough jobs and heavy equipment, safety should be more than just a part of the program. With a customized application of our VIA Mobile360 M810 with SVS (Surround View System) panoramic video monitoring, VIA has provided a tailored solution to EcoMulch to enhance the safety of the John Deere 724K wheel loaders family-owned business deploys in their mulching operations.

At their facility in Martinez, California, EcoMulch processes their high-quality mulch from re-purposed materials from professional tree companies using a fleet of loaders, grinder, and excavators. However, limited visibility and blind spots on these huge vehicles can make operating them in an active work environment risky to drivers and onsite employees.

Safely maneuvering large vehicles such as John Deere 724K wheel loaders through EcoMulch’s busy facility can be challenging to even seasoned operators. More importantly, when working with this kind of heavy equipment, a single error could lead to a fatal injury or tens of thousands of dollars in damage to equipment, which is why EcoMulch has taken the proactive steps to minimize the risk of a severe accident.

Through integrating the VIA Mobile360 M810 System featuring SVS (Surround View System) panoramic video technology into their existing fleet, VIA created a solution tailored to EcoMulch’s specific safety needs. By installing our cameras on their John Deere 724K Wheel Loaders with custom mounted brackets, operators were given a complete 360-degree onscreen view of vehicle surroundings. The SVS system ensures that difficult maneuvers, like tight turns and reversing through hectic work sites, can be safely executed. By utilizing VIA’s customized solutions, EcoMulch was able to take that extra step in getting their employees home safely every day.

Through hands-on custom approaches like this, VIA is able to provide companies real solutions to their safety needs. For EcoMulch, one accident is one too many. By making safety a core value, they can rest assured knowing employees won’t be left out on a limb.

EcoMulch’s story is the first in our new `In The Wild’ series. Through this new series we will be highlighting “in the wild” applications of VIA Intelligent Automotive Solutions, and showcasing how partners like EcoMulch have found solutions to real-life problems with the wide-ranging capabilities of our product line. Keep an eye out for more to come in the near future.

You can also download the EcoMulch VIA Mobile360 M810 SVS Solution Case Study here.

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