Boost Safety

Boost Safety

Prevent pipeline leaks and explosions.

Enhance Efficiency

Enhance Efficiency

Reduce defect detection times.

Reduce Costs

Reduce Costs

Increase defect detection accuracy.



Detect potential pipeline weld defects with greater speed and accuracy than the human eye using our fast and accurate visual inspection solution.

Featuring an optimized AI model that identifies defects by analyzing RT (Radiographic Testing) images taken by an industrial camera, this powerful and scalable solution reduces the time required for an inspection to just five seconds per film compared to nearly five minutes when conducted manually. By eliminating the possibility of human errors caused by inattentiveness, tiredness, and inconsistency, the solution also delivers higher levels of accuracy than manual processes – achieving a pipeline welding defect detection recall rate of close to 100%.

By standardizing the pipeline weld defect inspection process, this solution not only boosts operational efficiency but also enhances worksite safety and environmental protection through the more effective prevention of leaks and explosions. Combining powerful edge AI processing capabilities with seamless connectivity to an ERP network or corporate cloud, the solution delivers rich operational insights that you can leverage to further enhance the productivity and safety of your facilities.


The pipeline weld inspection solution is fast and easy to deploy in the most demanding industrial environments. It is comprised of the following key components and can be customized to meet specific usage requirements:

Dedicated AI model

AI inferencing and training server

Industrial RT camera

Ethernet LAN connectivity

Use Cases

industrial pipeline weld inspection use case

The pipeline weld inspection solution has enabled one of the top ten petrochemical companies in the world to boost pipeline weld defect detection recall rates to close to 100%, leading to greater efficiency through significant savings in staffing and production downtime costs as well as a safer and cleaner environment. This proven solution can be customized for a wide variety of industries, including energy production and distribution, chemicals and plastics manufacturing, and water utilities.

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