Boost Safety

Boost Safety

Minimize the risk of fires and explosions.

Enhance Efficiency

Enhance Efficiency

Avoid losses from operational disruptions.

Cut Costs

Cut Costs

Reduce insurance and regulatory compliance expenses.



Prevent fires in factory and warehouse facilities with our smoke detection solution.

With its advanced AI model, this precise and powerful solution detects potentially hazardous smoke emissions by analyzing images taken using an industrial camera. When it identifies a threat, the solution automatically alerts operators to take corrective action and records the incident for subsequent review and analysis.

Combining powerful edge AI processing capabilities with seamless connectivity to an ERP network or corporate cloud, the solution can be deployed at scale in any industrial environment. By automating the smoke detection process, it enables enterprises to take a proactive approach to increasing operational safety and responding to potential threats.


The smoke detection solution is fast and easy to deploy in even the most demanding industrial environments. It is comprised of the following key components and can be customized to meet specific usage requirements:

Dedicated AI model

AI inferencing and training server

Industrial RT camera

Audio fire alarm

Use Cases

smoke detection solution use cases

The smoke detection solution has enabled leading industrial companies in Taiwan to prevent fires and enhance overall plant and worker safety. The solution is ideal for a wide range of facilities and can be customized for industries as diverse as energy production and distribution and chemicals and plastics manufacturing.

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Ensure enhanced fire safety with the advanced VIA Smoke Detection Solution, offering reliable and accurate smoke detection capabilities, minimizing response time, and safeguarding lives and property. Contact us for more information!

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