Prevent collisions by eliminating blind spots on large vehicles

Prevent collisions by eliminating blind spots on large vehicles

Enhance driver safety and performance standards

Enhance driver safety and performance standards

Reduce insurance, legal,and vehicle downtime costs

Reduce insurance, legal,and vehicle downtime costs


Make waste management vehicles smarter and safer

Eliminating blind spots and increasing the maneuverability of the large vehicles that are employed to collect and dispose of household and industrial refuse are essential for increasing the safety of the waste management and recycling operations. When drivers have limited visibility of what is happening around their truck, the risk of a collision with a pedestrian, cyclist, or other vehicle can be extremely high, particularly when reversing down narrow city streets with negotiating tight corners.

Prevent waste management vehicle accidents with smart sensor fusion

Smart sensor fusion technologies that combine cameras and radar to detect people and obstacles in all lighting and weather conditions have an increasingly vital role to play in preventing collisions involving waste management vehicles by alerting the driver whenever they identify a potential threat. Vibrant 360° surround view video combining live feeds from multiple cameras for display on the in-cabin screen further increases the driver’s awareness of everything that is happening around their vehicle and give them time to react to unexpected safety hazards.

Driver safety system technologies that detect fatigue, smoking, and smartphone usage provide an additional tool for increasing operational safety by delivering timely alerts whenever they identify signs of stress, distraction, and risky behavior.

The integration of smart new collision avoidance and driver safety technologies in your waste management fleet not only lowers injuries and fatalities from accidents. It also leads to significant savings on insurance premiums, legal expenses, and vehicle repair, maintenance, and downtime costs as well as, most important of all, increasing peace of mind for staff and the wider community that your company serves.

VIA Intelligent Automotive Solutions

With their advanced collision avoidance, situational awareness, driver safety, and cloud connectivity features, VIA Intelligent Automotive Solutions deliver the performance, flexibility, and precision required for the most demanding waste management vehicle safety applications.

Supported Waste Management Vehicles

With its scalable, ultra-ruggedized design, VIA Mobile360 HESS can be deployed on the most popular classes of waste management vehicles ranging from refuse trucks and high-capactity forklifts to haulers and loaders. Specific models that the system has been installed on include::



  • Extreme XR1255

Featuring a robust and flexible design, VIA Mobile360 FSS can be installed in all the main categories of combustion and electric forklifts.


VIA Intelligent Automotive Solutions for waste management operations are available worldwide. Contact us to learn more about our products, customization options, and support services.

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