Boost Safety

Boost Safety

Ensure only protected staff can enter hazardous areas.

Enhance Efficiency

Enhance Efficiency

Automate worker PPE inspection process.

Cuts Costs

Cuts Costs

Reduce insurance liabilities.



Make sure your employees are fully protected in the most hazardous conditions with our worker PPE Class 2/4 inspection solution.

With its sophisticated AI model, this precise and scalable solution detects whether employees are wearing the correct Class 2 and Class 4 Personal Protective Equipment before they enter a hazardous worksite. The solution is integrated with the entry card swiping system. Whenever it identifies a non-compliance, it automatically prohibits the employee from entering the hazardous area.

Combining powerful edge AI processing capabilities with seamless connectivity to an ERP network or corporate cloud, the solution ensures employees are fully protected when working in dangerous conditions, reduce inspection costs, and enables full compliance with health and safety regulations.


The worker PPE Class 2/4 inspection solution is fast and easy to deploy in even the most demanding industrial and construction environments. It is comprised of the following key components and can be customized to meet specific usage requirements. It is comprised of the following key components and can be customized to meet specific usage requirements:

Dedicated AI model

AI inferencing and training server

IP camera

Flexible connectivity options

Use Cases

industrial worker ppe 2/4 use cases

The worker Class 2/4 PPE visual inspection solution enables enterprizes to enhance overall plant and worker safety in a wide variety of different environments. The solution can be optimized for multiple industries and use cases.

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Enhance the efficiency and compliance of PPE Class 2/4 inspections with the advanced VIA PPE Class 2/4 Inspection Solution, ensuring thorough assessments, reducing risks, and elevating workplace safety standards.

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