Eliminate blind spots around road construction machinery

Eliminate blind spots around road construction machinery

Enhance operator safety and performance standards

Enhance operator safety and performance standards

Reduce insurance, legal, and machinery downtime costs

Reduce insurance, legal, and machinery downtime costs


Combat road construction machinery safety hazards

Road construction sites are amongst the most dangerous work locations in the world, not just because of the size of the equipment employed but also because of the risks posed by passing traffic. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2,222 workers were killed at road construction sites from 2003-2020 in the US alone.

The deployment of pinpoint people detection and object recognition technologies to improve visibility and remove blind spots around road construction machinery is essential for preventing accidents with pedestrians and other vehicles. By providing operators with accurate alerts whenever a person or vehicle comes too close to their vehicle, these technologies enable operators to respond to potential safety hazards in a timely manner.

Prevent road construction machinery accidents

Innovative sensor fusion technology that combines camera and radar detection to identify threats in all types of weather, lighting, dust, and other adverse environmental conditions provides the most effective solution for preventing collisions on road construction sites and means that machinery can be operated day and night.

Rich 360° surround view video that stitches live feeds from multiple cameras on the in-cabin display provides operators with a full picture of everything that is taking place around their equipment and gives them time to react when faced with an unexpected safety threat.

Driver safety system technologies that detect drowsiness, distractedness, and dangerous behaviors such as smartphone usage and smoking further enhance the safety of road construction mahchinery by making sure operators remain fully focused by alerting them whenever they identify signs of stress, fatigue, and risky behavior.

Make road construction sites safer with rich cloud data

Collecting and analyzing critical driver safety alert, collision warning, and vehicle tracking and utilization data on the cloud enables you to develop a deeper understanding of your road construction operations and identify opportunities for further boosting safety and efficiency.

The deployment of advanced people detection and object recognition technologies on road construction machinery not only lowers the risk of fatal accidents and serious injuries, on work sites. It also reduces losses from disruptions and damage as well as by decreasing insurance, legal, and machinery repair, maintenance, and downtime costs.

VIA Intelligent Automotive Solutions

With their advanced collision avoidance, situational awareness, and driver safety system features, VIA Intelligent Automotive Solutions deliver the performance, flexibility, and precision required for the most demanding road construction machinery safety applications.

Supported Road Construction Machinery

With its scalable, ultra-ruggedized design, VIA Mobile360 HESS can be deployed on the most popular classes of road construction machinery ranging from haulers, loaders, and bulldozers to concrete mixer trucks, lubrication trucks, and telehandlers. Specific models that the system has been installed on include:



  • Extreme XR1255

The compact design and rich video telematics capabilities of the VIA Mobile360 AI Dash Cam make it the ideal fit for vehicles transporting equipment and workers to road construction sites.


VIA Intelligent Automotive Solutions for road construction machinery are available worldwide. Contact us to learn more about our full range of products, customization options, and support services.

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