Increase port and harbor safety with smart accident prevention

Increase port and harbor safety with smart accident prevention

Enhance operator safety and performance standards

Enhance operator safety and performance standards

Boost port and harbor operational efficiency

Boost port and harbor operational efficiency


Accelerate accident prevention in busy port and harbor operations

Keeping port and harbor operations running smoothly and safely 24/7 is a challenging undertaking given the constant flow of cargoes, vehicles, and equipment of all shapes and sizes in variable weather and lighting conditions.

The large number of staff involved in port security, cargo handling, driving, and other tasks adds another layer of complexity. With so many vehicles and people working in close proximity, the chances of an unfortunate incident occurring are high. All it can take is for someone to stumble on a slippery surface in a high-traffic area for a life-threatening collision with a vehicle to take place.

Prevent pedestrian collisions and reduce operator stress

Equipping vehicles with smart people detection capabilities is essential for boosting safety in busy ports and harbors. By alerting drivers when someone steps too close to their vehicle, this smart technology issues alerts to prevent pedestrian accidents, a leading cause of staff injuries.

In-cabin fatigue and distraction detection technologies are a critical tool for tackling operator stress and distraction by issuing alerts whenever they identify signs of tiredness, distraction, and risky behaviors such as smartphone usage and smoking. Obstacle detection also has a vital role to play in eliminating blind spots and enhancing situational awareness for operators of large plant and equipment with limited visibility.

Transform port and harbor efficiency with rich operational insights

The real-time capture and transmission of rich collision warning, driver safety alert, and vehicle tracking data to the cloud opens up myriad opportunities for port and harbor administrators to increase safety and efficiency by unlocking fresh new operational perspectives and insights that can lead to substantial reductions in insurance premiums, regulatory compliance expenses, legal fees, and operational disruptions caused by accidents.

VIA Intelligent Automotive Solutions

With their advanced collision avoidance, situational awareness, driver safety, and cloud connectivity features, VIA Intelligent Automotive Solutions deliver the performance, flexibility, and precision required for the most challenging port and harbor cargo handling and logistics applications.

Supported Port and Harbor Equipment

With its scalable, ultra-ruggedized design, VIA Mobile360 HESS can be deployed on heavy cargo handling equipment such as high-capacity forklifts, industrial forklifts, and telehandlers.


High-Capacity Forklifts

Featuring a robust and flexible design, VIA Mobile360 FSS can be installed in all the main categories of combustion and electric forklifts.

The rich video telematics capabilities of the VIA Mobile360 AI Dash Cam and VIA Mobile360 M800 System make them the ideal fit for goods and passenger vehicles operating in busy ports and harbors.


VIA Intelligent Automotive Solutions for ports and harbors are available worldwide. Contact us to learn more about our products, customization options, and support services.

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