Heavy Equipment Safety System

VIA @ NAFA 2021 Institute & Expo and MINEXPO® 2021

We are pleased to announce that we will be taking our latest VIA Mobile360 systems on the road in early fall to the NAFA 2021 Institute & Expo and MINEXPO® 2021.

NAFA 2021

The premier fleet management event in the USA, NAFA 2021 takes place in in Pittsburg, PA, from August 30 to September 1. Please join us at booth #518 to learn how the VIA Mobile360 AI Dash Cam and VIA Mobile360 M800 Series video telematics systems can help you to transform the safety and efficiency of your fleet with their AI-powered collision avoidance and driver monitoring features.

NAF 2021 VIA Mobile360 D700

VIA Mobile360 M800 Series systems support a wealth of hardware, software, and cloud customization options, including support for up to nine cameras. With their flexible designs, they can be configured to meet your specific installation requirements for any environment on vehicles of any shape or size.

To learn more about our plans for NAFA 2021, please click here .


MINEXPO® 2021 is the world’s largest mining industry event and takes place from September 13 to September 15 in Las Vegas. You are welcome to visit our booth #555 in the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center, where we will be showcasing a full range of VIA Intelligent Automotive Solutions, including the VIA Mobile360 Heavy Equipment Safety System, the VIA Mobile360 M810 DOD (Dynamic Object Detection) System, and the VIA Mobile360 Forklift Safety System.

Built to excel in the harshest environments, the tough and versatile VIA Mobile360 Heavy Equipment Safety System boosts operator situational awareness by delivering a live 360-degree video stream of the vehicle’s exterior. Safety can be further enhanced with its support for AI-powered accident prevention and driver fatigue and distraction detection features, as well as short-range radar and ultrasonic proximity sensors.


To protect the system from heavy vibrations, dirt, dust, high and low operating temperatures, and rain and humidity, the VIA Heavy Equipment Safety System is housed in a specially-design dual-layered IP67-certified waterproof aluminum enclosure. The sealed design uses IP69K cable glands that ensure neat and seamless connections to the cameras and the cockpit display, while also being suitable for high-pressure, industrial wash down procedures.

To learn more about our plans for MINEXPO® 2021, please click here.

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