VIA at Work Truck Show 2023

VIA Returns to Work Truck Show 2023

  • VIA Technologies returns to the Work Truck Show 2023 to showcase its range of VIA Intelligent Automotive Solutions.

  • High demand of an all-in-one solution that can help optimize supply chains, reduce insurance costs, and increase safety.

  • Cloud-based fleet monitoring and video telematics are becoming increasingly popular with major trucking and hauling companies.

Taipei, Taiwan, March 8, 2023 – VIA Technologies, Inc. today announced that it will be returning to Work Truck Week 2023 with a range of their market-leading VIA Intelligent Automotive Solutions. Taking place in Indianapolis from March 7 – 10, the VIA booth is located at #4821 in the Indiana Convention Center.

In the midst of ever-increasing demand for video telematic systems, VIA Intelligent Automotive Solutions offer flexible, easy-to-install products, which provide real-time visibility of vehicles and drivers. By integrating video and real-time data analytics, fleet managers can improve route planning, minimize delays, and prevent accidents. When combined with the power of the cloud, tasks such as monitoring fuel usage, optimizing routing, and identifying inefficiencies in supply chains can be performed much more easily and proactively.

“The Work Truck Show is the perfect platform for VIA to showcase VIA Intelligent Automotive Solutions,” said Richard Brown, VP of International Marketing, VIA Technologies. “The industry is rapidly adopting video telematics to streamline their fleet management processes, reduce costs and improve safety. For years our video telematics solutions have proven to be very effective across multiple industries, and we’re excited to demonstrate how they can help fleet managers achieve their goals.”

VIA will be showcasing a wide selection of VIA Intelligent Automotive Solutions at Work Truck Show 2023. Highlights include:

  • VIA Mobile360 M800 Video Telematics System: Utilizing its 1080p ADAS & Driver Safety System Cameras, along with rich connectivity and a ruggedized ultra-compact design, the system is perfect for large vehicles and major hauling operations worldwide.

  • VIA Mobile360 AI Dash Cam: With its AI-powered Lane Departure Warning, Forward Collision Warning, and Driver Safety System capabilities, this compact dual-camera device enables operators to prevent accidents while leveraging rich video telematics data to boost fleet efficiency.

Mobile360 trucking and haulage

The Rise of Video Telemtaics

Using cameras to help remove blind spots is not a new concept and are now common place, especially in large trucks and other heavy-duty vehicles, however this barely scratches the surface of what the latest solutions have to offer. Video telematics systems that combine high-quality video feedback, real-time data analytics, and AI safety features are continually becoming more prominent across multiple industry sectors.

These features can be further enhanced when put under the umbrella of cloud connectivity, improving logistics and modernizing organizations. For instance, commercial delivery operations can be monitored much more carefully, allowing fleet managers to be proactive with vehicle maintenance to help prevent the risk of damaged goods, faulty vehicles, or accidents involving personnel.

Video telematics solutions are also an effective way to reduce insurance costs. By providing video evidence of accidents or near-misses, fleet managers can help prevent fraudulent claims and ensure their drivers are not falsely held accountable when accidents happen. It is with good reason that they are increasingly being adopted by key trucking and hauling companies both within industry and commercially.

Safety First

While driving down associated costs and streamlining operations is of very high importance, the main priority will always be the safety and security of vehicle drivers and operators, as well as other road users. AI is establishing itself as a key tool in lowering the rate of avoidable accidents, especially involving distracted drivers, faulty parts, and pedestrians or cyclists in blind spots.

Amongst many other highlights, VIA will be demonstrating their cutting-edge Driver Safety System, which can detect if a vehicle driver or operator is distracted, smoking, using the phone, or fatigued. When synced with cloud apps such as the VIA Fleet Cloud Management Portal, it provides a myriad of rich behavioral data that can help identify opportunities for their wellbeing and performance.

VIA at Work Truck Show 2023

Visit VIA Technologies at Work Truck Show 2023 at #4821 to learn more. Find the events page here.

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