D700 AWS KVS Certification

VIA Mobile360 D700 Achieves AWS KVS Certification

Today we bring our customers fantastic news that the VIA Mobile360 D700 AI Dash Cam has achieved AWS IOT Device certification and AWS KVS certification, the first dash cam to do so. Let’s take a look at what that means and how it makes the device the perfect tool for fleet management operators who strive to harness the full potential of the technology we have at our disposal.

Fleet Management Re-Imagined

Imagine being a fleet operator with several hundreds, or possibly even thousands, of vehicles to manage. Devices like the VIA Mobile360 D700 AI Dash Cam provide you with a wholly improved means of managing drivers and fleets, by enabling the capture of live HD quality video footage of the road in front as well as of the driver inside. They also give you the means to track the precise location of your vehicles using the device’s GPS module and access this information in real-time over 4G. You can also receive alerts of potential issues thanks to an integrated 3-axis G-Sensor that knows when a driver has had to slam on the brakes or make a hard turn.

The infrastructure outlined above is already a world away from the more traditional means of fleet management – the humble CB Radio. But it doesn’t end there. The VIA Mobile360 D700 also supports CAN bus integration, which means the device can access data directly from the vehicle’s own diagnostics system. This gives fleet managers the means to gather data regarding vehicle idle time, fuel consumption, average speed, distance traveled, and more – a Pandora’s Box of potential data points.

Truck on a Highway

Although fleet management companies in the modern era have the means to embrace and integrate a great deal of these new and exciting technologies, are they fully equipped to really benefit from this much data? How can managers possibly navigate thousands of hours of streaming video to find the one moment when a serious incident occurred? How can they work out which vehicles in the fleet are running below optimal fuel efficiency, or which drivers are running the risk of an accident due to insufficient rest?

The answer is in the cloud. Amazon Web Services (AWS) today offer more than simple cloud hosting; they provide businesses the means to get the most from the data so that insights can be gleaned and operational efficiency can be improved.

Understanding Amazon Kinesis Video Streaming (KVS)

When the engineers here at VIA designed the VIA Mobile360 D700, they were focused on creating a great piece of hardware that would help fulfill the needs of a rapidly evolving sector that includes taxi operators, freight and haulage companies, delivery firms, law enforcement agencies, and many other organizations with fleets. However, to truly harness the benefits of D700’s technical design, we realized it was also paramount that we offer customers the means to connect to the cloud in the most sophisticated and intelligent way. This is why attaining AWS IoT Core certification, and Kinesis Video Stream certification is such an important step for us.

VIA Mobile360 D700 Achieves AWS KVS Certification

It not only means that our customers can enjoy easy and painless deployment when using a combination of VIA hardware and AWS cloud hosting. It also enables you to enjoy advanced video playback that includes not just storage of the footage, but automated time indexing, encryption, access control, live on-demand playback, and advanced analytics and machine learning thanks to pre-integration with AWS ML and AI services.

Kinesis Video Streams (KVS) greatly enhance the cloud, allowing it to ingest video streams to a reliable data repository with the ability to quickly index, search, and retrieve video fragments in real-time. A real game changer for companies and businesses that manage large fleets of vehicles.

By ensuring seamless integration of the VIA Mobile360 D700 with AWS IoT and KVS services, we’re making it easier for fleet operators to elevate their operational efficiency to the next level.

The VIA Mobile360 AI Dash Cam is a full-featured, compact dual-camera device with support for Forward Collision Warning, Lane Departure Warning, and an advanced Driver Safety System. The VIA Mobile360 D700 is AWS IoT Core Qualified and AWS Kinesis Video Streams Qualified. It comes with a 30-day free trial of the VIA Fleet Cloud Management Portal powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), including 50 hours of live streaming with Amazon KVS.

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