Raising forklift safety standards

Raising Forklift Safety Standards with New VIA Mobile360 FSS Innovations

As US National Forklift Safety Day approaches, we are introducing a raft of innovative new features to our VIA Mobile360 FSS (Forklift Safety System) that provide further protection for your employees in warehouses and industrial workplaces. The list includes expanded cloud capabilities and more durable camera, system, and display mounts. Read on to discover how these additions are set to raise forklift safety standards higher than ever before.

VIA WorkX Connect Cloud

VIA WorkX Connect Cloud for 3PD Packages

The VIA WorkX Connect Cloud Management Service is now available with all VIA Mobile360 FSS 3PD Packages, enabling you to monitor vehicle utilization, driver behavior, and a host of other metrics of all the forklifts in your fleet using a single dashboard. VIA WorkX Connect Cloud also provides you with real-time alerts of safety events so that you can take immediate action in response to them.

Two versions of the VIA WorkX Connect Cloud Management Service are available to suit your business needs and budget. The Free Account supports unlimited vehicle registration, two administrator accounts, 1GB data per connected vehicle, dashboard statistics, and vehicle and driver management features. With the Pro Account you can enjoy additional benefits including live tracking, unlimited video uploads, digitized inspection reports, and geofencing.

To sign up for the VIA WorkX Connect Cloud Management Service, please click here.

Please note that a 4G module and data SIM card are required to enable the VIA WorkX Connect Cloud Management Service on your VIA Mobile360 FSS. For VIA Mobile360 FSS 3PD Packages, a card reader is also required.

Forklift Seatbelt Sensor

New Seatbelt Sensor

A long lunch break, a late night – there are a host of reasons why someone may forget to strap their seatbelt in place when operating a forklift. To prevent this from happening, we are introducing a seatbelt sensor to our VIA Mobile360 FSS. This sensor detects whether operators are wearing their seatbelts and provides real-time alerts to remind them to buckle up.

Statistics show that seatbelt non-usage is a major cause of forklift accidents and injuries. In fact, OSHA reports that 42% of forklift fatalities involve operators who were not wearing their seatbelts. By detecting non-usage and reminding operators to buckle up, the seatbelt sensor can help prevent accidents and injuries.

The seatbelt sensor is available as an optional accessory, which can be seamlessly activated for the VIA Mobile360 FSS. The system will automatically detect whether operators are wearing their seatbelts and provide real-time alerts if they are not.

Forklift RAM Mounts

Tougher RAM® Mounts

Diverse forklift work environments mean operators may have to deal with rough terrain, bumps, sudden movements, or accidental impacts. To ensure maximum stability while the VIA Mobile360 FSS is in operation, we are introducing a new RAM® Mounts Kit that minimizes shocks and vibration.

Made from durable materials and sturdy locking mechanisms, RAM® Mounts minimize movement by ensuring the mounted device remains securely in place. The kit comprises five RAM® mounts for the system, display, and three pedestrian detection/driver safety system cameras, and is available as an accessory for all VIA Mobile360 FSS 2PD and 3PD Packages.

Raising forklift safety standards

Raising Forklift Safety Standards Through Innovation

VIA is committed to continually raising industry standards expected for forklift safety. Our dedicated team constantly strives to find new and innovative ways to improve the current technology available. With over 34,000 serious injuries each year due to forklift incidents in the US alone, employee wellbeing is paramount. VIA Mobile360 FSS provides a comprehensive solution for a more secure and efficient working environment in warehouse and industrial settings. New cloud features and seatbelt sensor technology provide real-time information and alerts to help prevent accidents. Deploying the VIA Mobile360 FSS across your forklift fleet creates a safer work environment for your valuable employees and prevents costly accidents and injuries.

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