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VIA Labs VL832 USB4® Device Achieves USB-IF Certification

A Key Milestone: VL832 USB4 device with USB 3.2 and DisplayPort integration enables diverse applications.

Taipei, Taiwan, 22 Dec 2023 – VIA Labs, Inc. (VLI), a leading supplier of USB4®, USB 3.2, and USB Power Delivery Controllers, today announced that the VL832 USB4 Endpoint Device Controller achieved USB4 certification from the USB Implementor’s Forum (USB-IF). VIA Lab’s VL832 supports USB 40Gbps operation and is now listed on the USB-IF Integrator’s List under TID: 10033.

VIA Lab VL832’s USB-IF Certification represents a key milestone in the USB4 ecosystem. The certified USB4 device controller with an integrated USB 3.2 Hub, USB 2.0 Hub, and DisplayPort output, provides essential connectivity for peripheral devices such as multi-function adapters and docking stations. In USB4 40Gbps mode, VL832 supports full DisplayPort HBR3 bandwidth (32.4Gbps), and the USB 20Gbps hub can enable multiple USB 10Gbps devices to operate at full performance on supported host platforms. Both metrics are double what was previously possible using DisplayPort Alternate Mode, which is limited to 2-lanes of DisplayPort when supporting USB 3.2 functionality.

The increased display bandwidth perfectly aligns with today’s display trends, including transitioning to QHD (2560 x 1440) and higher resolutions and a growing emphasis on providing users with more detailed visuals and richer, more accurate colors through wide color gamut and HDR technologies. It also caters to the demands of gaming enthusiasts for more fluid and immersive experiences by supporting higher refresh rates, such as uncompressed 4K at 120Hz or even 240Hz+ with Display Stream Compression (DSC). Additionally, the capability to connect and efficiently run up to four 4K displays at a consistent 60Hz refresh rate is a significant advancement for creators and professional and business environments.

“The VL832 builds on the momentum of the highly successful VL830, which has been adopted in nearly 50 customer designs worldwide, powering a diverse range of products from travel docks to monitors,” said Terrance Shih, Business Development Director, VIA Labs, Inc. “While VL830 targeted projects with a captive upstream port cable, VL832 features enhanced signal integrity, giving us the flexibility to support more designs with detachable cables.”

“USB-IF’s distinction as the leading interconnect standard extends beyond familiarity and usability—it lies in the robust testing and certification program that guarantees consumers a seamless computing experience,” said Jeff Ravencraft, USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) President and COO. “Certified USB-IF products, such as those from VIA Labs, signifies a strategic investment in the success of the technology, and significantly contributes to the sustained growth and widespread acceptance of the USB ecosystem.”

VL832 Availability

The VIA Labs VL832 features five downstream USB ports and a DisplayPort output, and is offered in a compact FCCSP 10x10mm package. When paired with a USB PD controller solution such as the VIA Labs VL108 with Extended Power Range (EPR) support, compatible host systems can enjoy charging rates of 140W or more. The VL832 USB4 Endpoint Device Controller is available now and is shipping in quantity. For information, please get in touch with your local VIA Labs sales representative or send an email to [email protected]

For more information about the VIA Labs VL832, please visit the website.

About VIA Labs, Inc.

VIA Labs, Inc. (VLI) is a leading supplier of USB4®, USB 3.2 and USB Power Delivery Controllers, based on the latest USB-IF Standards. A subsidiary VIA Technologies, Inc., VLI leverages its expertise in analog circuit design, high-speed serial interfaces, and systems integration to create a rich product portfolio that includes USB Host, Hub, and Device controllers in addition to USB PD and charging controllers. VIA Labs, Inc. has demonstrated technology and industry leadership through Standards Development and bringing newly developed USB Technologies to market.

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