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Five Benefits of Video Telematics Systems for Trucking Operators

The trucking and haulage industry is on the move. According to the American Trucking Association, estimates show that by 2030 it will grow more than 25% to 20.6 billion tons. Revenues in the US during that period are expected to increase 53.8% to $1.6 trillion. As part of this expansion, trucking and haulage companies have adopted video telematics solutions like the VIA Mobile360 D700 AI Dash Cam and the VIA Mobile360 M800 system to boost efficiency and safety. In this article, we will look at five key benefits of these solutions for trucking and haulage operators.

1. Follow Trucks, No Matter Where They Go

Trucking and haulage operators require vehicles to be on the road almost constantly, where managers cannot see them. Video telematics systems solve this with real-time GPS tracking, 4G connectivity, and smooth cloud integration. Fleet managers can use this always-on location information to better plan routes and lower fuel and operational costs without increasing workloads for themselves or drivers.

2. Better Productivity and Lower Operating Costs

Video telematics systems with CAN bus support can collect rich data from distance and speed to idle time and fuel consumption that can be uploaded to the cloud for fleet managers to analyze and pinpoint key opportunities for fleet efficiency improvements. In addition, the systems flag up G-sensor events such as hard revving, hard braking, and hard cornering to give fleet operators insights into better driver behavior and cut down on unnecessary wear and tear on vehicles.

3. Improved Driver Safety and Performance

Video telematics systems act like a second pair of eyes in the cab, helping to reduce the risk of accidents by alerting drivers to possible dangers on the road. Their AI-powered LDW (Lane Departure Warning) and FCW (Forward Collision Warning) features detect potential danger and alert drivers when they need to take the appropriate action, as week as uploading video clips of the incidents for managers to analyze and follow up.

Video telematics systems integrating a DSS (Driver Safety System) detect drowsiness, distracted driving, smartphone usage, and smoking, to gently remind drivers of risky and possibly illegal behavior. Managers can also receive data on these events to help correct driver mishaps and positively influence overall driver safety, health, and behavior.

4. On-Time Deliveries for Better Customer Retention

Thanks to vehicle monitoring and route tracking over 4G wireless, fleet managers can observe and react in real-time to sudden changes in traffic to ensure on-time deliveries. In turn, these improve customer service and satisfaction, giving trucking and haulage companies an effective method for strengthening their brand image and staying ahead of competitors.

5. Simplified Incident Assessment and Reporting

Wading through hours of footage is time-consuming and inefficient for fleet managers who need to report a trucking incident. This time sink affects the back office and SLAs, which affects the business’s bottom line. By automatically identifying collisions and other incidents, video telematics systems make it quick and easy for managers to find the correct footage, establish responsibility, report the incident, and reduce insurance processing and liability costs. Fighting false liability claims is easier than ever with a video telematics system in place.

Implementing Video Telematics for Trucking

In the past, trucking and haulage businesses struggled to get a complete picture of their fleet on the road. By installing video telematics systems in their vehicles, managers are no longer in the dark regarding what is happening with their fleet and can spend more time analyzing the data captured by the devices to develop a deeper understanding of how they can improve the efficiency and safety of their operations.

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