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How Video Telematics Solutions Help Trucking Operators Expedite Insurance Claims

For trucking and haulage operators, video telematics technology has been an undisputed net positive for reducing the financial impact of traffic incidents. The video footage collected by video telematics solutions helps them to challenge driving tickets, determine fault in an accident, catch insurance fraudsters, and improve driver behavior. The integration of AI technology in video telematics solutions brings even more powerful features to reduce costs further and save time for fleet-based businesses.

Current State Of Insurance Reporting

Fleet managers are constantly under pressure to maximize the time the fleet is on the road. Effective use of vehicles vital for everyday operations makes these businesses susceptible to financial loss when these vehicles are taken off the road in the event of an accident or breakdown. With the cost of vehicle repairs creeping upward, video telematics systems have been especially useful in accelerating the speed of related insurance claims.

Footage from a video telematics solution such as an AI dash cam gives an unbiased eyewitness view of an accident, virtually eliminating disputes over driver fault and making a successful insurance claim more likely. However, with hours and hours of footage to sift through, the process of making a claim can take an excessive amount of time when looking for the necessary video. All that wasted time slows the insurance application, delays repairs, keeps vehicles off the road, and can hurt delivery schedules and other parts of the business that rely heavily on these vehicles.

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AI Helps Insurance Claims

Although video telematics solutions have improved over the years, with higher resolution video, live streaming over mobile data connections, and additional driving assistance features, wading through hours of footage causes a significant roadblock to swift insurance applications. Recent developments with AI integration bring powerful features to fleet-based businesses that will help reduce these inefficiencies.

AI presents a quantum leap in machine intelligence, removing the burden from fleet managers and performing detailed data analysis automatically. In essence, AI technologies become the eyes, ears, and brains that collect data, analyze it, and then provide insight. They not only minimize the time taken by the fleet manager to find the correct video segment, but also provide a host of other potential benefits.

It works as follows. The AI technology flags relevant and important footage for the fleet manager’s attention and saves additional footage for backup purposes only. Video telematics solutions automatically classify driving events by their severity and alert fleet managers to these events in real-time. These alerts are not limited to accidents but include other events like hard braking and more. For insurance claims, saved pre-event and post-event footage provides context around the accident and saves the fleet manager from doing this task manually. The next step is gathering this data centrally in the cloud.

Cloud-Based Fleet Management and Network Certification

Video telematics solutions such as AI dash cams on their own offer powerful features to allow fleet managers to find incident footage quickly. But if that footage is stuck in the device, it might take hours before the fleet manager can get the footage and submit a claim.

Centralized fleet management already saves tech-savvy fleet-based businesses time and money by collecting data through the cloud. Most traditional telematcis solutions don’t have mobile connectivity, which creates a barrier to utilizing centralized management. What is needed is a video telematics solution with a 4G mobile connection to transmit the incident to the central management for immediate action.

The VIA Mobile360 D700 AI Dash Cam and the VIA Mobile360 M800 Video Telematics System provide this capability. In addition to ensuring always-on connectivity, they also support real-time video telematics data through rapid integration with all leading commercial cloud platforms, including AWS and Microsoft Azure. Specific accident footage is delivered through the cloud to the central management for immediate action.

Video Telematics Solutions Reduce Incidents

Saving fleet managers time and getting insurance claims submitted quickly is only a start. AI can deliver a slew of other benefits, including real-time alerts for sudden braking, skipping required breaks, inattentive driving, and fast acceleration. All can help boost a company’s reputation and improve its bottom line. Some of these AI features include:

Lane Departure Warning: Sounds an alert to warn the driver if the vehicle starts to veer into another lane.

Forward Collision Warning: Warns of proximity to the vehicle ahead. Can issue an alert and record the incident for further analysis.

Driver Safety System: Monitors the driver to ensure they stay attentive while on the road as well as distracted driving behaviors like smoking while driving, looking away from the road, or using a phone.

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