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Pro Dash Cams Shift Fleet Safety into High Gear with AI and the Cloud

What is the difference between a dash cam for individual consumers and pro dash cam for commercial users? This is one of the key questions that VIA Product Marketing Manager Mike Fox addresses in our latest Shop Talk video.

The difference is a lot bigger than you might think, Mike explains. While consumer dash cams are primarily used for recording, pro dash cams deliver a step change in horsepower and functionality to meet the rapidly growing safety needs of professional drivers and the increasingly sophisticated data capture, AI processing, edge computing, and cloud connectivity requirements of fleet managers.

Advanced AI safety features like Lane Departure Warning, Forward Collision Warning, and Driver Monitoring that boost driver safety by preventing accidents and eliminating unnecessary distractions have become essential features for commercial dash cam users. So too have real-time video alerts of accidents and other events to the fleet operator’s cloud along with uploads of a wealth of vehicle location, utilization, and fuel consumption data that the device collects from the GPS chip, CAN Bus and G-Sensors.

In the video, Mike outlines our design philosophy for the VIA Mobile360 D700 AI Dash Cam and the approach we have adopted to enabling this rich functionality in what may at first sight appear to be a simple device. Moving beyond the technology, Mike also describes the value its Driver Safety System brings by keeping drivers alert during long hours on the road and providing managers with invaluable insights for improving the safety and wellbeing of all the drivers in their fleet.

We hope that you enjoy the first part of this Shop Talk interview with Mike. Watch out for the second part next week. If you have any further questions you would like to ask Mike about our VIA Mobile360 in-vehicle systems, please message us here.

For more information about the VIA Mobile360 AI Dash Cam, please visit the product page. To order a sample, please visit the VIA Store.

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