Japan IT Week 2022

A Sneak Peek at the VIA EPIA-M930 and VIA AMOS-3007

With their proven reliability and rich I/O and connectivity options, the VIA EPIA-M910 Mini-ITX board and the VIA AMOS-3005 ruggedized system have long been our most popular platforms for industrial and commercial embedded applications.

At the forthcoming Japan IT Week Autumn 2022 in Tokyo, we plan to unveil the successors to these workhorse products: namely, the VIA EPIA-M930 and the VIA AMOS-3007. Here is a sneak peek at these powerful new solutions.

VIA EPIA-M930 Mini-ITX Board

Combining a high-performance 1.8GHz Intel® Celeron® quad core processor with a wealth of I/O and connectivity features, the VIA EPIA-M930 provides a flexible and reliable platform for myriad industrial and commercial edge applications.


The board supports up to three displays using one HDMI and two LVDS ports, as well as enabling flexible storage options through its SATA 3 and M.2 connectors. Additional I/O and networking features include up to four USB 2.0 ports, two USB 3.1 ports, up to four RS-232/242/485COM ports, one DIO for 8-bit GPIO, and dual Gigabit Ethernet connectors, as well as one SIM card slot, one PCIe slot, and two M.2 slots.

The functionality of the VIA EPIA-M930 can be enhanced using its onboard pin headers and a choice of wireless expansion modules supporting Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 4G LTE, and GPS.


The VIA AMOS-3007 ruggedized ultra-compact system provides a versatile and dependable solution solution for the most demanding outdoor and industrial operating environments.


Powered by a high-performance fanless 1.5GHz Intel® Atom® quad core processor, the VIA AMOS-3007 provides comprehensive support for modern and legacy peripherals with its rich I/O feature set that includes two Gigabit Ethernet, two USB 3.0, two lockable USB 2.0, two RS-232/422/485 COM, and one DIO port for 8-bit GPIO as well as two HDMI connectors supporting dual display. Internal expansion options include three M.2 slots for SATA storage and wireless expansion modules, one SATA with a power connector for 2.5″ HDD/SSD, one SIM card slot, and one DDR4 SODIMM slot that supports up to 32GB memory. A selection of expansion cards is available for enabling Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 4G LTE, and GPS functionality.

With its ruggedized ultra-compact form factor measuring just 70mm (W) x 48.5mm (H) x 126mm (D) and Wall and VESA mounting options, the VIA AMOS-3007 can be easily deployed in even the most space-constrained locations. Its wide operating temperature range from -20°C to 70°C ensures reliable operation in the most demanding environments.

Samples of the VIA EPIA-M930 and VIA AMOS-3007 will be available in November this year.

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