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VIA Intelligent Automotive Solutions: Boosting Safety in any Environment

Our vision for VIA Intelligent Automotive Solutions is to enhance the safety and efficiency of commercial and industrial vehicles of all shapes and sizes in the toughest and most demanding on-road and off-road environments. For us, this means providing drivers with the intelligent tools they need to assist them to operate their vehicle more safely and efficiently. These range from pinpoint people and object detection algorithms that provide accurate and timely alerts whenever a VIA Mobile360 system notices that someone or something is coming too close for comfort to a vehicle to fatigue and distraction warnings that remind drivers of the need to take a break or stop sneaking glances at their phone.

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To meet diverse customer needs across the commercial, industrial, and materials handling markets, we have developed a comprehensive family of VIA Mobile360 systems and devices for deployment across a broad spectrum of commercial and industrial vehicle types and use cases, including:

By designing VIA Intelligent Automotive Solutions from the ground up, including the system, accessories, software, AI algorithms, and cloud services, we are not only able to guarantee the highest levels of performance, quality, and reliability. We can also rapidly optimize them for myriad commercial and industrial vehicles and use cases.

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The VIA Mobile360 Heavy Equipment Safety System provides an excellent example of the benefits of this approach. Because of its unvrivaled flexibility, including support for up to eight cameras, we have successfully installed the system in optimized configurations on many of the largest mining and excavation vehicles ranging from CAT 980M and John Deere 724 wheel loaders to CAT 775F/G and Komatsu WA500-7 haulers.

In the same way, we have also enabled customers to deploy the VIA Mobile360 Forklift Safety System on vehicles such as skid steers as well as standard combustion-powered and EV forklifts.

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This holistic approach also gives us the ability to swiftly add new innovations to meet emerging customer needs. With the VIA Mobile360 Forklift Safety System, for example, we have added a host of accessories since its launch, including a seatbelt sensor to remind operators to buckle up before they start driving their vehicle, a RAM® Mounts Kit to minimize shock and vibration, and a Digital I/O cable for connecting to alarms and sirens.

VIA Intelligent Automotive Solutions

VIA provides a comprehensive range of AI-powered safety systems for commercial and industrial vehicles of all shapes and sizes. To learn more about our VIA Intelligent Automotive Solutions, please click here.

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