VIA at CIM MTL23: The Smartest Mining Equipment Safety Solutions for the Toughest Environments

Where: Palais des Congres, Montreal, Canada

When: April 30 – May 3, 2023

Booth: Booth 2800

Join VIA in Montreal for the CIM MTL23 Convention and Expo to learn how our VIA Intelligent Automotive Solutions enable you to transform the safety and efficiency of your mining and quarrying operations in the world’s most demanding terrains.

VIA Mobile360 HESS at CIM MTL23

VIA Mobile360 HESS

Prevent accidents and save lives in the harshest mining and quarrying environments with VIA Mobile360 HESS (Heavy Equipment Safety System). This tough and versatile IP67-rated system leverages its powerful 360-degree SVS video and vSense smart sensor fusion technology to eliminate blind spots around heavy vehicles ranging from haulers, loaders to bulldozers and lubrication trucks. By combining camera detection with 77GHz mmWave radar sensors, VIA Mobile360 HESS provides operators accurate real-time alerts of approaching vehicles, machinery, and workers in all weather, lighting, and working conditions with no false alarms.

VIA Mobile360 HESS comprises an ultra-ruggedized IP67-rated system that supports up to eight IP69K-rated FOV-190° 720p automotive-grade cameras and up to eight FOV-150° 77GHz mmWave radar sensors. A wealth of accessories, cables, and mountings are also available. Highlights include:

Smart People and Obstacle Detection

With its powerful vSense smart sensor fusion technology, VIA Mobile360 HESS delivers accurate and timely alerts to vehicle operators whenever it detects a safety hazard. Detection zones and alert types are fully configurable by vehicle type, workplace scenario, and other site-specific requirements.

Single Unified Interface

A single, unified interface on the in-cabin screen featuring real-time SVS video makes it easy for operators to view alerts and see everything that is happening around their vehicle.

Adaptive Sensing

With its unique Adaptive Sensing technology, VIA Mobile360 HESS further boosts the safety and maneuverability of even the largest vehicle by increasing blind spot coverage whenever it makes a sharp turn.

Reverse Gear

When the vehicle is reversing, all objects detected by the system’s rear camera and radar are treated as threats regardless of their trajectories, enabling the operator to take extra care when carrying out this most collision-prone maneuver.

Proven Reliability

With its ultra-ruggedized design, VIA Mobile360 HESS delivers reliable operation on all major classes of heavy construction vehicles. Specific models that the system has been installed on include: CAT 972H/M/Mxe, CAT 980M, CAT 982M, CAT 988K, and John Deere 724 wheel loaders and CAT 775F, CAT 775G, CAT 777G, CAT 938M, and Komatsu WA500-7 haulers.

Customer Care

vCare is a suite of customer care applications and services that ensure easy VIA Mobile360 HESS deployment and maintenance, along with a host of remote support options.

VIA Mobile360 FSS at CIM MTL23

VIA Mobile360 FSS

Prevent forklift pedestrian collisions and injuries in busy loading areas with VIA Mobile360 FSS (Forklift Safety System). With its support for pinpoint people detection, this smart and rugged IP67-rated system alerts forklift operators whenever someone steps within a hazardous range of their vehicle. To ensure that operators remain fully attentive while behind the wheel, the system can also feature a DSS (Driver Safety System) that issues an alert whenever it detects fatigue, smoking, and phone usage through a driver camera.

VIA Mobile360 FSS comes in a variety of packages and configurations to meet diverse operational safety scenarios. It supports for up to three wide-angle PD (People Detection) cameras, a driver camera for DSS (Driver Safety System), and a high-quality speaker for audio alerts. Real-time cloud connectivity using the VIA WorkX Connect Cloud Management makes it easy for managers to monitor vehicle utilization and driver behavior in real-time and identify opportunities for operational improvement.

Smart People Detection

VIA Mobile360 FSS 2PD gives operators time to take corrective action by alerting them whenever it identifies a person stepping within a hazardous range of their vehicle. The 3PD Package supports a 270° people detection zone using rear, left, and right cameras, while the 2PD Package can be calibrated to create a zone of between 60° – 120° through its front and rear cameras. The people detection zone for both packages covers an area of between 4 and 5 meters depending on the camera installation height.

DSS (Driver Safety System)

The VIA Mobile360 FSS 2PD DSS ensures operators maintain concentration by alerting them whenever it detects signs of fatigue, smartphone usage, and smoking through the driver camera.

Simple Installation and Operation

The user-friendly design of the system makes it simple to install and operate. The VIA WorkX app can be used to calibrate the cameras, configure the DSS, view and download recorded videos, adjust system settings, and upgrade the system firmware.

VIA WorkX Connect Cloud Management Service

The optional VIA WorkX Connect Cloud Management Service enables you to further boost the safety and efficiency of your forklift operations by tapping into a wealth of real-time operator behavior, incident alert, and vehicle location and usage data captured by the system in a single user-friendly dashboard.

Why Choose VIA?

VIA’s innovative use of AI and computer vision to create intelligent systems that can automate and optimize a range of tasks is well established. Our products and solutions are designed to improve efficiency, safety, and productivity for a myriad of applications, from fleet management to manufacturing. With a focus on cutting-edge technology and a commitment to customer satisfaction, VIA has a comprehensive range of intelligent solutions to fit a diverse array of industries, while maintaining the ability to tailor each product to fit your specific requirements.

Please feel free to drop by the VIA booth #2800 in the Palais des Congres. If you would like to arrange an appointment with our construction vehicle safety experts, you can contact us here.

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