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VIA IVT01 Android Tablet

MediaTek Genio 500 octa-core SoC MediaTek Genio 500 octa-core SoC 8” FHD capacitive touch screen 8” FHD capacitive touch screen 4G, Wi-Fi, and BT 5.0 support 4G, Wi-Fi, and BT 5.0 support . Overview Speed up the development of in-vehicle infotainment and fleet management devices with the VIA IVT01 Android™ tablet. Powered by the MediaTek […]
Protecting Drivers from Distractions

VIA Mobile360 Systems: Protecting Drivers from Ubiquitous Distractions

Since the beginning of time, the human experience has constantly been evolving. Over the last few decades, technology has been the fundamental driver of this change, transforming nearly every aspect of daily life in unprecedented speed. Used to streamline, enhance, and totally revamp processes across the industrial spectrum, its presence is appearing ever more frequently, […]
VIA Mobile360 L900

Product Spotlight – VIA Mobile360 L900 In-Vehicle System for the Next Generation of Smart Mobility Innovations

Developers of the new wave of smart mobility solutions require rock-solid in-vehicle systems that not only deliver robust processing power and integrated visual intelligence, but are also able to support the various automotive cameras needed for autonomous vehicle and driver assistance applications. Without the right system, ambitious projects can be mired in development, bleeding time, money, and other resources. The demands of these applications require scalable solutions that can not only be rapidly deployed but are also available over the long term through a dependable supply source.
Where Technology Leads, Culture Must Follow

Where Technology Leads, Culture Must Follow

The modern automobile is an index of human ingenuity. From bumper to bumper, these deftly designed machines of glass, metal, and rubber are the end result of the correction of a million mistakes; each an evolving cross-section of inspired progress and imaginative engineering. Take any vehicle you may see on today’s roads – every one is a combination of pieces, parts, features and systems, both passive and active, which have been tested, the subject of research, cost benefit analysis, planning, legislation, and meticulous scrutiny.
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