VIA at MODEX 2022 Preview

We’re delighted to announce that we will be attending MODEX 2022, the premier supply chain event, which takes place at the Georgia World Congress Center from March 28 – 31.

The VIA booth is located at B2229. Highlights include our cutting-edge VIA Mobile360 Forklift Safety System, the VIA Mobile360 D700 AI Dash Cam, and the VIA Mobile360 M800 Video Telematics System.

VIA Mobile360 Forklift Safety System

VIA at Modex 2022

With its AI-powered front and rear people detection and driver monitoring capabilities, the VIA Mobile360 Forklift Safety System prevents pedestrian accidents and injuries in busy production, warehouse, and loading dock environments. This smart and reliable IP67-rated system alerts the forklift operator whenever someone steps within up to five meters of the vehicle – giving them time to take evasive action. To ensure operators remain fully attentive while they are behind the wheel, the system also issues a warning when it detects signs of fatigue, smart phone usage, and smoking through the driver camera.

VIA Mobile360 M800 Video Telematics System


The VIA Mobile360 M800 makes it fast and easy to add real-time video telematics capabilities to trucks and other large commercial delivery vehicles. With its AI-powered accident prevention features and advanced driver monitoring functionality, the system enables operators to transform both the safety and efficiency of the fleets. The M800 comprises a compact IP67-rated system, a front-facing ADAS camera, an interior-facing DMS camera, and a unique ADAS display that enhances driver safety and convenience with clear visual/audio alerts and two-way calling with the fleet management center.

VIA Mobile360 D700 AI Dash Cam

VIA at Modex-D700

The VIA Mobile360 D700 AI Dash Cam is a compact dual-camera device that supports Lane Departure Warning, Forward Collision Warning, and Driver Monitoring, including the detection of fatigue, smoking, and smart phone usage. Ideal for small commercial vehicles, the D700 delivers a wealth of real-time data with its ultra-reliable 4G connectivity certified by Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, and UScellular. Flexible cloud integration options for both the D700 and M800 include a 30-day demonstration of the VIA Fleet Cloud Management Portal with 50 hours of live streaming using Amazon KVS.

If you’re attending MODEX 2022, please feel free to drop by the VIA booth located at B2229. To arrange an appointment with our materials handling safety experts, please contact us.

VIA Technologies, Inc.
VIA Technologies, Inc.