AI-powered vehicle safety

AI-Powered Vehicle Safety: Transforming Commercial and Industrial Fleets

Rapid advances in AI, IoT, compute, and cloud technologies are making it possible for enterprises to boost the safety of their industrial and commercial vehicles with powerful edge AI systems that prevent accidents by continuously monitoring the surrounding environment and proactively identify potential hazards.

Our mission with the VIA Intelligent Automotive Solutions platform is to make it fast and affordable for enterprises to deploy advanced edge AI safety systems in industrial and commercial vehicles and equipment of all types and sizes to protect workers and increase operational efficiency.

AI-Powered Commercial Vehicle Safety Systems

The future of AI-Powered vehicle safety systems

We initiated the development of the platform with the introduction of the VIA Mobile360 D700 AI Dash Cam and VIA Mobile360 M800 Video Telematics System for on-road commercial and public transportation fleet installations. In addition to alerting drivers of potential safety hazards, these two devices capture a wealth of AI-powered collision avoidance, driver fatigue, and behavioral data for analysis using the attached VIA Fleet Cloud Management Portal. This provides managers with a comprehensive real-time overview of everything that is happening with the vehicles and drivers in their fleet and enables them to garner deeper insights into how to further boost operational safety and efficiency.

AI-Powered Industrial Vehicle Safety Systems

For off-road industrial vehicles, we have adopted a similar approach in the development of the VIA Mobile360 Forklift Safety Equipment System and the VIA Mobile360 Heavy Equipment Safety System. The VIA Mobile360 Forklift Safety System can be deployed on both combustion-engine and EV forklifts and supports AI-powered people detection and driver safety system detection in a variety of configurations. We have designed the accompanying VIA WorkX Connect Cloud Management Service to meet the specific needs of warehouses and industrial facilities operating forklift fleets. As well as allowing fleet managers to track vehicle utilization in real time, it allows them to monitor operator performance and identify training needs.

AI-powered vehicle safety systems on heavy vehicles

The VIA Mobile360 Heavy Equipment Safety System has been designed for haulers, loaders, and other huge vehicles operating in quarries, mines, construction sites, and other harsh environments. With its powerful vSenseTM sensor fusion technology combining camera detection with 77GHz mmWave radar sensors, this ultra-ruggedized AI safety system prevents onsite accidents by providing operators with real-time audio or visual alerts of approaching vehicles, machinery, and workers in all weather, lighting, and operating conditions. To facilitate the deployment and maintenance of the systems and machines, we provide a growing suite of vCare remote support services and applications.

Commercial and Industrial Vehicle Safety Mission

With the fundamental system building blocks in place, we are focused on continuously refining the VIA Intelligent Automotive Solutions platform and developing innovative new solutions to meet the unique demands of every vehicle, industry, and environment. Our commitment is to harness the power of AI, IoT, and sensor fusion technologies to protect workers, boost efficiency, and drive a future where industrial and commercial vehicles operate with unprecedented levels of safety and intelligence.

VIA Intelligent Automotive Solutions

VIA provides a comprehensive range of AI-powered safety systems for commercial and industrial vehicles of all shapes and sizes. To learn more about our VIA Intelligent Automotive Solutions, please click here.

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