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Optimizing AI for the Edge: VIA Intelligent Edge Solutions

The explosive popularity of Generative AI has led to a surge of interest in the development of edge AI systems for use cases ranging from automated defect detection systems that boost quality and reduce waste in factories to smart traffic management solutions that reduce congestion and improve the flow of vehicles in cities.

Designing an edge AI system requires overcoming a significant number of challenges including ensuring data privacy and security, enabling reliable network connectivity for OTA updates and cloud synchronization, and ruggedization for demanding indoor and outdoor environments such as production lines and urban streets. Perhaps the most critical challenge, however, is developing and deploying small footprint AI models on the system that can function effectively within tight constraints of computational power, memory, storage, and energy consumption.

Intelligent Edge solutions

Our strategy with VIA Intelligent Edge Solutions is to equip our customers with the tools they need to meet these challenges by combining a wide choice of reliable and scalable hardware platforms and systems with a rich software stack that makes it easy to develop and deploy small footprint AI models and applications. This helmet detection demonstration provides a simple example of the applications that we are making possible through this approach.

To meet diverse customer needs, we provide a wide range of reliable intelligent edge platforms featuring advanced MediaTek Genio multi-core SoCs for a broad spectrum of edge AI use cases.

VIA SOM-7000 Module

Featuring the MediaTek Genio 1200 octa-core SoC, the highly integrated low-power VIA SOM-7000 module provides the advanced AI, graphics, and compute performance required for demanding industrial, commercial, and consumer AIoT use cases. Combining dual MIPI DSI display and dual MIPI CSI-2 camera support with dual-band Wi-Fi, BT 5.2, Gigabit Ethernet, and optional 5G, the VIA SOM-7000 enables flexible expansion and connectivity options to meet diverse application needs.

edge module system

VIA VAB-5000 Board

Based on an industry-standard Pico-ITX form factor, the highly integrated VIA VAB-5000 board is powered by the MediaTek Genio 700 octa-core processor, and offers a rich array of network, display, and camera connectivity options for diverse industrial, commercial, and consumer use cases.

VIA SOM-3000 Module

Combining the low-power MediaTek Genio 350 quad-core SoC with advanced multimedia capabilities and rich I/O interfaces, the versatile VIA SOM-3000 module is ideal for mainstream edge AI and IoT applications that require vision and voice edge processing, including facial recognition, object identification, motion tracking, OCR, and bio-metric measurement.

VIA VAB-3000 Board

Based on a 3.5” SBC form factor, the VIA VAB-3000 integrates the MediaTek Genio 350 quad-core SoC and a host of advanced multimedia features and rich I/O interfaces, including support for dual MIPI-CSI cameras and HD displays.

VIA ARTiGO A3000 System

The compact and fanless VIA ARTiGO A3000 system provides a scalable solution for applications ranging from smart access control and interactive kiosks to vending machines and POS devices. The system’s I/O features include one HDMI port, two USB 2.0 ports, one COM port, and one DIO port, as well as miniPCIe and MicroSD card slots. High-speed connectivity is enabled by one Ethernet port, dual-band 802.11ac Wi-Fi with Bluetooth 5.0, plus 4G/5G support.

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