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Harnessing the Power of the Cloud to Boost Vehicle Safety

In addition to assisting drivers of commercial and industrial vehicles to prevent accidents with their smart people detection capabilities, VIA Intelligent Automotive Solutions also provide vehicle fleet managers with rich real-time data to track operational safety and productivity when connected to the accompanying VIA Fleet, VIA WorkX Connect, and vCare cloud services.

The VIA Fleet Cloud Management Portal is available with the VIA Mobile360 D700 AI Dash Cam and VIA Mobile360 M800 Video Telematics System, and provides a valuable tool for managing fleet operations and helping drivers to reach the highest safety standards. A 30-day demonstration of the VIA Fleet Cloud Management Portal, including 50 hours of live streaming using Amazon KVS, is available to all new customers wishing to check out its advanced fleet management functions including real-time tracking, collision alerts with video upload, and trip histories.

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The VIA WorkX Connect Cloud Management Service is available with all models of the VIA Mobile360 Forklift System. By allowing the real-time capture and analysis of safety alerts, forklift utilization, operator behavior, and vehicle inspection data though a single dashboard, VIA WorkX Connect provides managers with a wealth of invaluable insights into forklift fleet operations that you can draw on to boost overall safety and efficiency. Free and Pro VIA WorkX Connect accounts are available to suit diverse business needs and budgets.

vCare is a suite of customer care applications and services for managing the deployment and maintenance of the VIA Mobile360 Heavy Equipment Safety System. Its rich array of features includes POTA (Precision Over-The-Air) software upgrades, vehicle tracking and performance analytics, real-time uploads, and remote diagnostics.

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In this era of rapid digital transformation, the cloud is emerging as a key component that not only bolsters operational efficiency and safety but also paves the way for informed, data-driven decision-making. By tightening the integration of advanced cloud services with our VIA Intelligent Automotive Solutions, we are committed to enabling our customers to harness the power of the cloud to boost their competitiveness and resilience in the fast-moving market landscape.

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VIA provides a comprehensive range of AI-powered safety systems for commercial and industrial vehicles of all shapes and sizes. To learn more about our VIA Intelligent Automotive Solutions, please click here.

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