In-vehicle system ruggedized chassis

Putting the VIA Mobile360 M810 Ruggedized Chassis to the Test

Tough jobs require solid tools that will not crack under pressure. For heavy machinery operators that work in challenging environments where dust, water, mud, and the elements are a factor, in-vehicle systems require more than just an average weatherproofing. In order to utilize sophisticated in-vehicle driver monitoring and assistance systems in these hectic, mud-spattered, and high-risk sites, any mounted hardware needs to withstand not only what Mother Nature throws at it, but also the force of high-pressure washers, which are used to clean these vehicles.

To ensure rock solid reliability, we have developed an additional ruggedized chassis option for the VIA Mobile360 M810 In-Vehicle System. This sealed enclosure is rated to protect the system against heavy vibration, dirt, dust, high and low operating temperatures, rain, humidity, and most notably, to withstand high-pressure industrial wash down procedures that heavy machinery in construction and mining applications undergo after a job is done.

As demonstrated in a recent testing (watch the video below), this waterproof ruggedized chassis can be mounted on to vehicles of any size and features water ingress protected housing and cable glands, allowing for seamless and reliable camera and display functionality even under the force of a high-pressure washer.

By utilizing an array of vehicle-mounted cameras and in-cabin displays, VIA Mobile360 M810 gives drivers of all types of vehicles increased situational awareness of their surroundings through its seamless multi-stitch SVS (Surround View Video System) technology. For heavy machinery like excavators and loaders, which suffer from reduced driver visibility, these features make a meaningful difference in supporting safer equipment operation.

With this new ruggedized chassis option, the M810 is able to weather even the most extreme applications, both on and off the job site. As an IP69K-rated enclosure, the ruggedized chassis and connecting cables are validated as completely dust-tight and able to withstand high pressure and high temperature streams of water, making the system a reliable choice for heavy equipment that undergoes high-pressure industrial wash down procedures.

Extreme environments demand a lot from drivers and their vehicles. With the VIA Mobile360 M810 Series In-Vehicle System featuring this ruggedized chassis, heavy vehicle drivers can feel confident that their safety tools will not buckle when the going gets tough. To learn more, check out the VIA Mpbile360 Heavy Equipment Safety System product page here.

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VIA Technologies, Inc.