VIA Fleet Cloud Management Portal

Boost Efficiency with the VIA Fleet Cloud Management Portal

Video telematics has the potential to revolutionize nearly every aspect of fleet management. Systems and devices containing smart sensors and cameras equipped with sophisticated algorithms can be placed in commercial vehicles of all shapes and sizes to generate, analyze, and filter new datasets. When integrated into a cloud portal, the information from video telematics systems and devices gives managers previously unseen views of operations – objectively monitoring all vectors while also identifying domains for improvement and optimization.

The VIA Mobile360 D700 AI Dash Cam and the VIA Mobile360 M800 Video Telematics System enable fleet managers to leverage the potential of AI and the cloud to transform the safety and efficiency of their drivers and vehicles. Combining powerful Forward Collision Warning, Lane Departure Warning, and Driver Safety System algorithms with dual cameras and CAN Bus support, the systems collects and processes vital safety and operational data while a vehicle is on the road, giving drivers a second pair of eyes that alerts them to potential dangers.

With their 4G and Wi-Fi functionality, the VIA Mobile360 D700 and VIA Mobile360 M800 deliver high-speed connectivity to the cloud, enabling managers to track the real-time status of the vehicle and driver and generate rich fleet monitoring data that allows them to make informed decisions. To facilitate cloud integration, the systems comes with a comprehensive SDK that is compatible with all major cloud platforms.

The VIA Mobile360 D700 and VIA Mobile360 M800 are AWS IoT Core Qualified, and provide a seamless path for the development of AWS cloud applications and services. To enable you to experience the new possibilities for boosting fleet efficiency and safety that AWS cloud integration opens up, we also include a 30-day free trial of our demonstration VIA Fleet Cloud Management Portal, including 50 hours of live streaming using Amazon KVS, with each system.

The video below shows how you can leverage the power of AI to generate fleet monitoring data from the VIA Mobile360 D700 AI Dash Cam – translating alerts, warnings, trip histories, and more, into actionable intelligence that allows you to make informed decisions through the VIA Fleet Cloud Management Portal.

[youtube id=8fizGkjFXrc title=”VIA Fleet Cloud Management Portal Walkthrough”]

The VIA Fleet Cloud Management Portal demonstrates a wide variety of fleet management applications that can be developed together with the VIA Mobile360 D700 AI Dash Cam and VIA Mobile360 M800 Video Telematics System. These include the following:

Live Monitoring

The portal shows how managers can monitor the vehicles in their fleet with views of both off-road and on-road assets, tracking alerts, and even accessing real-time footage of a trip from the cameras. Two-way calls can be initiated from the portal as well, connecting drivers and fleet managers with a click of a button.

Comprehensive Fleet Analysis

The dashboard of the portal highlights the huge variety of datasets that can be generated from the systems and demonstrates how easy it is for managers to access and tabulate relevant statistics for further analysis – ranging from total hours driven, distance driven, and fuel consumption to the total number of collisions and parking warnings and driver rankings.

Granular Detail

The Trip History page of the portal shows the levels of granular detail managers can access by providing them with a detailed overview of each trip made by all vehicles in the fleet that allows them to, for example, see all the specific alerts triggered during a given trip and relevant video clips of particular events.

Huge Potential

The VIA Fleet Cloud Management Portal provides a glimpse of the huge potential for putting powerful datasets at the disposal of fleet managers deploying the VIA Mobile360 D700 AI Dash Cam or the VIA Mobile360 M800 Video Telematics System in their vehicles. The options for the customization and development of new features, applications, and services are as varied as each individual use case.

For a more detailed look at its basic architecture and functionality, please click here.

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