VIA Embedded provides the building blocks not just for building innovative x86 embedded solutions but also for creating ground-breaking ARM connected devices that will allow you to take advantage of the exciting new opportunities being generated by the emergence of ubiquitous connectivity and the Internet of Things.

With our unrivaled range of platforms, systems, software, and customization services, VIA Embedded delivers a comprehensive array of solutions that accelerate product development cycles and empower developers to generate amazing new connected experiences for an almost unlimited variety of applications. Our holistic approach to enabling the design and development of embedded systems and devices covers the entire product life cycle, from defining product requirements all the way through to longevity support, enabling you to maximize your return on investment.

Whether it’s a fanless, multiscreen x86 digital signage system with awesome multimedia capabilities or an ultra-low power industrial automation controller based on Android, VIA Embedded has a wealth of experience and expertise not only in providing customized solutions that meet your exact requirements but also in developing innovative devices that open up exciting new markets.

You can also get the latest VIA Product Guide in PDF form.

Embedded Boards

BoardsVIA Embedded boards are the embodiment of VIA’s feature-rich and power-efficient platform technologies. Combining a rich mix of low-power embedded ARM & x86 processors, core logic, networking, connectivity and multimedia components to provide all the necessary functionality and performance for even the most demanding embedded system design applications.

Embedded Systems

SystemsVIA Embedded offers an unmatched selection of robust, small form factor ARM and x86 systems targeted at a wide range of embedded applications and environments, including industrial automation, digital signage, retail, hospitality, in-vehicle, transportation, home, and entertainment.


AccessoriesVIA Embedded provides a comprehensive assortment of validated wireless accessories, add-on cards, and power boards that compliment our ARM and x86-based boards and systems.


ProcessorsOffering market-leading performance per watt, ultra-low power consumption and advanced hardware security, the comprehensive range of VIA x86 processors enjoys a strong market reputation and enables unprecedented flexibility in the design of innovative Embedded devices.


ChipsetsVIA VX Series Media System Processors, (MSP) optimized with VIA integrated graphics engines, provide world-class high-performance multimedia solutions for embedded computing designs, delivering rich 2D/3D graphics, low power consumption, easy cooling, and improved manageability.

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