VIA VAB-600 Pico-ITX Board

Featuring an 800MHz ARM Cortex-A9 processor, the VIA VAB-600 combines rich multimedia capabilities and flexible I/O connectivity with a wide operating temperature range and low power consumption to provide a versatile and reliable solution for a wide range of HMI, industrial automation, home automation, and other IoT and M2M applications.


Based on an ultra-compact Pico-ITX form factor measuring just 10cm x 7.2cm, the VIA VAB-600 comes with a rich array of I/O and connectivity features. VIA VAB-600 Pico-ITX Board


The VIA VAB-600 (Springboard) Android Software Development Package features Android version 4.0.3, and includes the kernel and bootloader source codes as well as the VIA Smart ETK. The VIA Smart ETK comprises a number of APIs, including Watchdog Timer (WDT) for safeguarding against system crashes, GPIO access, COM port access, RTC for auto-power on, and a sample app to demonstrate the above function. The VIA VAB-600 (Springboard) Linux Software Development Package has a pre-built Debian image, including the kernel and bootloader source codes. Other features include a Tool Chain to help make adjustments to the kernel and to leverage the onboard pin-headers, GPIO, I2C, and other hardware features. A full set of software customization services that speed up time to market and minimize development costs is also available.


The functionality of the VIA VAB-600 can be further enhanced with the integration of a number of optional I/O, LVDS, and TTL cards.


With its rich graphics and HD video performance, flexible I/O connectivity options, and advanced software development tools, the VIA VAB-600 provides a durable and versatile solution for a broad spectrum of IoT and M2M applications, including HMI, industrial automation, home automation, and digital signage.


Get the PDF version of the VAB-600 datasheet, or browse the information below:
Model NameVAB-600
Processor800MHz VIA Cortex-A9 SoC
System Memory1GB DDR3 SDRAM onboard
Storage4GB eMMC Flash memory
Bootloader512KB SPI Flash ROM
GraphicsMali-400 SP GPU
2 integrated, independent 3D/2D graphics processing units
Graphics engine supporting OpenGL® ES 2.0 hardware acceleration
Supports MPEG-2, VC-1and H.264 video decoding up to 1080p
LANVIA VT6113 10/100 base-TX PHY chip
AudioVIA VT1603A I2S Audio Codec
HDMIIntegrated HDMI 1.4 transmitter
Expansion I/O1 miniPCIe slot (supports USB 2.0 connectivity for optional 3G module)
Onboard I/O1 USB 2.0 connector
1 DVO connector for TTL or LVDS display (corresponding daughter card required)
2 COM port connectors (TX/RX)
1 Miscellaneous pin header for 1 I2C pair and 1 DIO (4 GPI + 4 GPO)
1 SIM card slot (supports 3G module without built-in SIM card slot)
1 RTC battery pin header
1 Keypad connector
1 CIR connector
1 SPI Flash pin header
1 Front panel pin header for system power-on, reset and power LED
1 4-wire resistive touch screen FPC connector (through VT1603A)
1 Front audio pin header for Line-in, Line-out, Mic-in
1 DC-in connector
1 Battery charger connector with smart battery function (manufacturing option)
1 miniPCIe slot (supports USB 2.0 connectivity for optional 3G module)
Back Panel I/O2 Mini USB 2.0 ports
1 Mini HDMI port
1 10/100Mbps Ethernet port
1 Micro SD card slot
1 DC-in jack
Operating SystemAndroid 4.0, Linux kernel 3.0.8
Power Supply12~24V DC-in
Operating Temperature0°C ~ 60°C
Operating Humidity0% ~ 95% (non-condensing)
Form FactorPico-ITX (10cm x 7.2cm, 3.9" x 2.8")


VAB-600 Documentation

User Manualv1.042014-12-19
Android Quick Start Guide BSP v1.2.2v1.002016-09-07
Android Image Installation Guide EVK v1.2.2v1.002016-09-07
Linux Quick Start Guide BSP v1.2.1v1.002016-05-19
Linux Graphical OS Image Installation Guide EVK v1.2.1v1.002016-05-19
Linux Command Line OS Image Installation Guide EVK v 1.2.1v1.002016-05-19
Smart ETK Programming Guidev1.012015-07-31
VAB-600-A Quick Guidev1.032014-11-12
VAB-600-B Quick Guidev1.002013-05-23
VAB-600-C Quick Guidev1.002013-05-23
VAB-600-D Quick Guidev1.022013-09-11

VAB-600 Software Downloads

Android 4.0.3 Board Support Package (BSP) (2.1GB)v1.2.22016-09-08
Android 4.0.3 Evaluation Kit (EVK) (210MB)v1.2.22016-09-08
Linux Board Support Package (BSP) (862.2MB)v1.2.12016-05-19
Linux Evaluation Kit (EVK) with Graphical OS Image (498.8MB)v1.2.12016-05-19
Linux Evaluation Kit (EVK) with Command Line OS Image (127.3MB)v1.2.12016-05-19
Important: By downloading these software packages, you indicate your acceptance of the VIA Software License agreement. If you do not agree with any of the terms and conditions, do not continue to download the software.

  • U-Boot version: 1.1.4
  • Kernel version: 3.0.8
  • Evaluation image: Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3
  • Support SPI with eMMC as default boot device
  • Support HDMI or LVDS single display
  • Support HDMI audio output
  • Support Acmepoint TFT-LCD resistive touch panel (through 4-wire interface)
    • Acmepoint 7” TP070C01 (800×480)
  • Support AUO LVDS capacitive touch panels (through USB interface)
    • AUO 10.4” G104XVN01.0 (1024×768)
    • AUO 7” G070VW01 (800×480)
  • Support COM1 debug port
  • Support CIR
  • Support line-out and Mic-in
  • Support USB: keyboard, mouse, flash disk, hard disk, UVC camera
  • Support 10M/100M Ethernet
  • Support EMIO-1533 USB Wi-Fi module
  • Support EMIO-2550 miniPCIe Mobile Broadband module
  • Support system bar auto hide when set FULL_SCREEN
  • Support Smart ETK v1.2.0: Watchdog, GPIO, RTC wake-up, UART
(Bold font highlights the changes in this BSP release.)

  • U-Boot version: 1.1.4
  • Kernel version: 3.4.5
  • Evaluation image: Debian 8.6
  • Development based on debian-8.6.0-lxde-player (Debian 8.6)
  • Supports SPI with eMMC boot
  • Supports HDMI or LVDS display
  • Supports HDMI audio output
  • Supports ONation capacitive touch panel (through USB interface)
    • ONation 10.1” LVDS Panel VIA1001 OT101RBWDLT-00 (1280×800)
  • Supports Micro USB 2.0 OTG port
  • Supports COM1 DTE mode, COM2 as debug port
  • Supports Debug UART connector
  • Supports 10/100Mbps Ethernet
  • Supports Line-in, Line-out, Mic-in
  • Supports EMIO-2531 miniPCIe Wi-Fi & BT module
    • Supports Bluetooth A2DP and SPP profile
  • Supports EMIO-5531 USB Wi-Fi & BT module
    • Supports Bluetooth A2DP and SPP profile
  • Supports EMIO-2550 miniPCIe Mobile Broadband module
  • Supports GPIO, UART and Watchdog timer


VAB-600 Ordering Information

Part NumberSoCDescription
VAB-600 10GAU082000A0VIA Cortex-A9 @ 800MHzPico-ITX board with 800MHz Cortex-A9 SoC, 4GB eMMC flash, 1GB SDRAM, 2 Mini-USB 2.0, 1 USB 2.0, Mini-HDMI, 2 COM, LAN, 12~24V DC-in power

Packing List: VAB-600 board, DC power cable, front panel cable, front audio cable, COM cable, USB cable (for optional Wi-Fi USB module)

VAB-600 I/O Accessories

Part NumberDescription
I/O Expanison Cards
10GAX00000020VAB-600-A I/O card for Line-out/Mic-in, 2 USB 2.0, power button
10GAZ00000020VAB-600-B I/O card for additional 4 COM ports
10GBC00000020VAB-600-C TTL converter card
10GBD00000020VAB-600-D Dual-Channel LVDS converter card
Wireless Modules
EMIO-1533-00A2VNT9271 IEEE 802.11 b/g/n USB Wi-Fi module with assembly kit
EMIO-2550-01A13.75G HSPA/UMTS mobile broadband full size miniPCIe module
EMIO-2551-02A03.75G HSPA/UMTS mobile broadband full size miniPCIe module
EMIO-2551-03A03.75G HSPA/UMTS mobile broadband full size miniPCIe module with GPS
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VIA Technologies, Inc.