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Company Information

Q. When and where was VIA founded and incorporated?

VIA was founded in 1987 in Fremont, California, and incorporated in 1992 in Taipei, Taiwan.

Q. When is VIA’s fiscal year?

VIA follows a standard international calendar year; therefore, our fiscal year starts on January 1st and ends on December 31st.

Q. How many employees currently work at VIA?

VIA employs approximately 2,000 staff worldwide, of whom about 75% are engineers. Over 95% of VIA employees hold at least a college degree.

Q. What is VIA’s Company Vision and Mission Statement?

VIA has a Company Vision of ‘Total Connectivity’, a world in which everyone can access the information, education, commerce and entertainment resources available on the Internet that are shaping the way we work, communicate and live.

VIA’s Mission Statement is to facilitate this vision by developing innovative computing and communications technologies that enable our customers to build feature-rich PC systems that are affordable to everyone, thereby improving the quality of life.

Q. Where can I find an overview on VIA’s business operations?

Please visit here.

Q. What is a fabless business model?

The fabless model describes a business that does not own its own silicon wafer manufacturing and production facilities (fabs). VIA is a fabless IC design house, so works closely with silicon foundries (fabs) and testing & assembly houses (who provide the services for testing & packaging dies with the necessary equipments) to produce the final IC products. As IC manufacturing processes become ever more complex and capital-intensive, the fabless model has grown in popularity as it allows the design house to show more flexibility and react more quickly to the market. VIA’s close partnership with leading foundries and testing and assembly houses are vital to the success of this model.

Company Stock and Shareholder Information

Q. What stock exchange is VIA traded on and under what ticker symbol?

VIA is currently traded on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE) under ticker symbol 2388.

Q. How can I find information on VIA’s historical stock prices?

Please refer to any major finance website and enter “” as the ticker symbol to find information on VIA’s stock price record.

Q. What proportion of VIA shares are currently outstanding?

As of September 2015, 493,303,441 shares have been issued, and 493,303,441 shares are outstanding including 150,000,000 private equity shares.

Q. What is VIA’s dividend policy?

VIA’s general dividend policy is to allocate a portion of the distributable year’s unappropriated earnings to shareholders as dividends. In general, a portion of the dividends will be distributed in the form of cash, and some in the form of stock dividend. Stock dividend shall be no more than 50% of shares distributed.

Q. When does VIA hold its Annual General Meeting?

The 2015 VIA Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held on Thursday 2nd June, 2015.

Q. How do I become a shareholder of VIA?

VIA’s stock is listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE). Generally, only qualified foreign institutional investors (QFII), subject to the approval from the Central Bank and the Securities & Futures Commission of Ministry of Finance in Taiwan, may invest in TSE stocks. However, foreign individuals or institutions without Taiwanese residence and registration may still invest in TSE stocks by obtaining investment approval from the TSE (Please visit for details). In addition, individuals or institutions can invest in TSE listed stocks indirectly through a local broker who offers mutual funds that may hold Taiwanese stocks.

Investor News and Information

Q. Where can I obtain a copy of VIA’s most recent financial statements?

Please visit here.

Q. When is VIA’s next quarterly earnings release date?

The quarterly earnings will be released by the following dates:

– Q1 quarterly earnings in the middle of May the same year

– Q2 quarterly earnings in the middle of August the same year

– Q3 quarterly earnings in the end of November the same year

– Q4 quarterly earnings at the end of March the following year

Q. Where else can I obtain more information about VIA?

» A. Contact a member of VIA Investor Relations. Please visit here.

» B. For events held by VIA (and some other technology firms), please visit here.

» C. For information posted on the TSEC English website.

» D. For an instant VIA share price check, please visit the TSE website.

[Note: You may need to type the company’s stock code, 2388, into the box provided, and press ‘Enter’]

» E. For an instant market check of the Taiwan Stock Exchange, please visit the TSE website.

VIA Technologies, Inc.
VIA Technologies, Inc.