National Forklift Safety Day 2023

Embrace Power of the Cloud on National Forklift Safety Day

The forthcoming National Forklift Safety Day, which takes place on June 13, serves as a crucial reminder of the importance of forklift safety in the workplace. It also provides an opportunity for organizations to evaluate their safety practices and assess innovative new solutions that harness cutting-edge digital technologies to reduce potential accidents in the workplace.

The Evolution of Forklift Safety

Over the past five years, rapid advances in computer vision, AI, and wireless connectivity have sparked the emergence of a new generation of cloud-connected forklift driver safety systems that are transforming the landscape of workplace safety by preventing collisions and minimizing risks associated with forklift operations.

National Forklift Safety Day

Harnessing the Power of Cloud Connectivity

Cloud-connected forklift driver safety systems significantly enhance forklift safety by enabling real-time data collection and analysis. Through the utilization of sensors, cameras, and other integrated technologies, these systems provide comprehensive insights into driver behavior, vehicle usage, and potential hazards. By leveraging the power of cloud connectivity, safety managers can access crucial information remotely and make informed decisions to prevent accidents and boost operational efficiency.

Proactive Safety Measures and Risk Mitigation

Cloud-connected systems empower organizations to implement proactive forklift safety measures and mitigate potential risks. Through real-time monitoring, these systems can detect unsafe driver behaviors such as speeding, harsh braking, or unauthorized personnel operating forklifts. By promptly identifying such risks, they enable safety managers to intervene, provide immediate feedback, and implement corrective measures to ensure a safer working environment.

proactive forklift safety measures

Training and Performance Enhancement

Effective training plays a vital role in improving forklift safety. Cloud-connected forklift driver safety systems facilitate training programs by capturing and analyzing data related to driver performance. Safety managers can identify areas that require improvement, tailor training modules accordingly, and provide targeted feedback to enhance driver skills. This continuous feedback loop allows for ongoing improvement and ensures that drivers are equipped with the necessary knowledge to operate forklifts safely.

Promoting Workplace Safety with VIA Mobile360 FSS

As National Forklift Safety Day 2023 approaches, the adoption of cloud-connected forklift driver safety systems is becoming increasingly vital in promoting workplace safety and the well-being of your employees. To meet this critical need, VIA has developed VIA Mobile360 FSS (Forklift Safety System), a rugged and flexible solution that supports AI-powered pedestrian detection and driver behavior monitoring. The complementary VIA WorkX Connect Cloud Management Service enables you to track vehicle utilization, driver behavior, and a host of other metrics using a single dashboard. Deploying the VIA Mobile360 FSS and VIA WorkX Connect Cloud Management Service across your forklift fleet creates a safer work environment for your valuable employees and prevents costly accidents and injuries.

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